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The CSS Zen Garden was launched twenty years ago to prove a point: that CSS was a better way to design and build for the web. And point proven, it has been the de facto way we build web pages for the past 15 years or so.

Which means continuing to add new designs is more fun than necessary. In 2013 for its tenth anniversary, I revived it with an HTML5 and CSS3 makeover — but only on the realization that the lasting educational value of the CSS Zen Garden was rapidly ageing past relevance given its earlier XHTML and CSS2 roots. While the refresh was primarily intended to keep this a relevant learning tool for newer generations, we also added a handful of community submissions and a generous TypeKit sponsorship by Adobe to breath some new life in it.

I’ll never say no to great work, but at this point a design submission would have to be exceptional and meet or exceed the visual quality, creativity, and thoughtfulness of the most recent 10 or so to be considered. It would also have to exhibit technical excellence, filled with cutting edge CSS techniques used in a way that renders well across a range of browsers and devices.

If that sounds like a challenge you’re up for and you have a submission to show me… I’m listening.